Big City Small World Part 4

Magda will finish her degree soon and wants to work in London as an architect.‘I’ll be rich in 3 years!’ Johnny has a vision of where he will be going! Interview advice from poor Johnny the injured footballer.

Episode 10: You’ll be a shoo-in! Episode 11: I’m an architect! Episode 12: Good News & Bad News

Hello and welcome to Big City Small World brought to you by the British Council.
Episode 10: You’ll be a shoo-in!
Olivia: How’s the leg Johnny?
Johnny: A bit better thanks.. I’ve got the plaster off it now, but I still need the crutch.
Olivia: Good to hear..
Johnny: Your nephew young Joe didn’t help.. he’s not here today is he? I need to recover!
Olivia: No, don’t worry..I’m not looking after him today. He’s with my sister.
Harry: Hello there!
Olivia: Hi Harry!
Johnny: Hi there workmate!
Olivia: How’s it going, Harry?
Harry: Erm..not bad..
Olivia: You don’t sound so sure..
Harry: No, really, everything’s fine..
Johnny: Everything ok at work? I don’t get to see you much..
Harry: Well, I’m always busy, you know..
Johnny: Oh yeah, I know..busy busy busy. That’s me, too! Got to go right now..just to the doctor’s though, he’s having another look at my leg, making sure it’s ok..
Olivia: Bye then Johnny! Hope it goes well!
Johnny: Me too! Whoops…..Magda! Watch out!
Magda: Oh, sorry Johnny!
Johnny: Owwww!
All: Oh no!
Magda: Oh! I stepped on your toe!
Johnny: Don’t worry.. never mind.. nothing serious.. I’ll get better! Good job I’m going to the doctor’s right now! Bye!
Magda: Oh no! I feel so bad!
Harry: Don’t worry about it, he’s not really that bad! He hasn’t broken any bones or anything.
Olivia: He’s just a bit of an actor, that’s all..
Harry: Tell me about it..he’s terrible at work! I try and avoid him..
Olivia: Oh no! Why?
Harry: He just talks about his work all the time, about how important he is, and how rich he’s going to be.. it gets boring..
Olivia: But are you getting on with him ok, otherwise?
Harry: Yeah, I guess so..they really make me work hard for my money though..
Olivia: Do you think you’ll stay with that job?
Harry: For a bit, I guess. I’ll have to see how it goes, long term..
Magda: Isn’t anyone going to ask about my interview?!
Olivia: Oh yes..sorry! Of, how did it go?
Magda: I’m not sure..ok I’s difficult to say..
Harry: What questions did they ask you?
Magda: The usual ones.. why I want this job, what I can bring to their company..
Olivia: Did you answer all the questions?
Magda: Sure..yes.
Harry: Did you ask a question?
Magda: Yes.. I only got a chance to ask one, so I asked them how far I’d be free to follow my own projects as part of the job.
Olivia: Good question.
Harry: What did you wear?
Magda: A suit, like Johnny told me to! Black jacket, trousers..
Olivia: Did you arrive on time?
Magda: I was perfectly punctual!
Harry: You’ll be a shoo-in!
Magda: Sorry? A what?
Harry: A shoo-in! It means you’re certain to get the job!
Magda: Well, I hope so….. Oh no! It’s them.. they’ll be calling to tell me if I got the job or not…
Episode 11: I’m an architect!
Magda: (talking into phone) So..ok..hmm..yeah! That’s great news!
Olivia: So? Did you get the job?
Magda: Yes!!!
All: Hooray!! Fantastic! Well done!!
Magda: But..
Harry: There’s always a ‘but’..
Magda: It’s only on a trial basis..just for a month.
Harry: Ok, that’s pretty normal actually. Most companies do that.
Olivia: But they are paying you, yes?
Magda: Oh yes, the salary isn’t bad. It’s not an internship.
Harry: I did internships for ages.. had to work for a month to get experience – no pay! – and then I never got offered the real job at the end. Like now! I’m doing this work for Johnny’s company – they want me to work at weekends too – Saturdays and Sundays – with no extra money!
Olivia: That’s terrible!
Harry: I don’t know what to do.. I want to say ‘no’, but I’m afraid I’ll lose the job..
Olivia: You’ll have to think carefully about it!
Magda: Or you’ll be trying to do an internship again!! Only joking! It can be important to do an internship if you want to get experience – things to put on your CV..
Harry: Yeah, I guess you’re right, but I’m past that stage.. I’ve got lots of experience now.
Magda: I’m really worried though, about my first day, really nervous. I might be terrible!
Olivia: Don’t worry Magda, you’ll be great. Show them how good you are in the first month and they’ll be offering you more money by the second month!
Magda: Let’s hope so!
Harry: What are you going to be doing exactly?
Magda: Well, it’s a lot of admin work.. but I do get a chance to work with the senior partners on some designs.
Harry: Great..What is it you do again?
Olivia: Harry! How come you always forget this stuff?
Magda: Architecture! I’m an architect! I design buildings!
Harry: Oh yeah, right, of course..
Sarah: She’s a good one too, Harry – I’ve seen some of her drawings.
Harry: Oh, Really, Sarah?
Sarah: I keep on telling her that she should go to China – there are lots of opportunities there at the moment.
Magda: Maybe, one day. That’d be really interesting..How are you, Sarah?
Sarah: OK..
Harry: How’s the new flat?
Sarah: That’s the problem..
Olivia: Oh no! You’ve only just moved in!
Magda: I thought the flat was great..
Sarah: The flat is nice, but the problem is the landlord..
Olivia: Isn’t that Fadi’s cousin?
Sarah: Yes, exactly..but he’s really intrusive.
Magda: Intrusive?
Sarah: He comes round all the time, wants to know everything about me. I think that if I pay rent, that’s it, I shouldn’t have to tell him anything else.
Olivia: I see..that’s not on, is it? Have you mentioned it to Fadi?
Sarah: No, I don’t know how to. He was so kind helping me get the place. I don’t want to seem rude.
Olivia: Would you like me to have a word with him?
Sarah: Could you? That’d be really great. I’d really appreciate it.
Olivia: I’ll say something the next time I see him! Promise!
Episode 12: Good News & Bad News
Olivia: Hi Magda! How was your first day?
Magda: Fantastic!
Olivia: Really!? I’m amazed..
Sarah: Yeah, you were so worried about your new job..
Magda: Well, I had some good news..
Olivia: Yeah? What?
All: Hi Johnny!
Johnny: Hi! I’ve got some good news..
Sarah: Makes two of you then!
Johnny: At least I think it’s good news..I’m not really sure..
Olivia: Tell us!
Magda: Can’t I tell you my good news first?
Sarah: Wow, this is getting complicated.. and I’m afraid I’ve only got some bad news..
Magda: Oh no..what a shame! What’s the problem?
Olivia: Yeah, go on, bad news first, then the good news will cheer us up!
Sarah: OK, well, I had a row with my landlord, finally! And I’m moving out..
Magda: Oh no!
Sarah: Oh yes! So, I need a new flat..
Olivia: Again!!!
Magda: Oh dear..
Olivia: What a shame. I hoped it was going to work out..
Sarah: Yeah, but I didn’t get on with the landlord.
Magda: Have you told Fadi yet?
Sarah: No.. I’m worried what he might think. The landlord is his cousin, after all..
Olivia: Well, let’s just wait until he comes in. I was going to tell him you weren’t happy – now I’ll tell him you’re leaving!
Magda: Is it good news time yet?
Sarah: Yes! Go on! What’s your good news?
Magda: I’ve been offered a job!
Johnny: Me too!
Olivia: Hang on! Wait a minute! You’ve already got a job, haven’t you Magda?
Sarah: And you have too, Johnny, haven’t you? You talk about it all the time..
Magda/Johnny: But..
Magda: Go on..!
Johnny: No, you first, please..
Magda: I’ve been offered a permanent job, with the same company! I’ll be a proper architect!
Olivia: Wow! That’s fantastic!
Magda: But..
Olivia: There’s always a ‘but’..
Magda: I have to get a distinction in my master’s degree..
Sarah: Phew..that’s not easy..
Magda: No, but I’m doing well..
Olivia: Fingers crossed then..
Sarah: Let’s hope!
Johnny: That’s amazing – I’ve got the same news!
Olivia: What? You’re going to be an architect?
Johnny: No!
Sarah: You’re doing a master’s degree?
Johnny: No!
Magda: What then?
Johnny: A job..I’ve been offered a new job!
Olivia: Yes, you said..
Johnny: And there’s a ‘but’..
Olivia: I told you there was always a ‘but’..
Johnny: It’s not in London..
Olivia: You’d have to leave..
Johnny: Yeah..
Olivia: Well, where is it? New York?
Johnny: No..
Magda: Paris? Berlin? Where?
Johnny: It’s back in China.
Sarah: Oh..Beijing? Shanghai?
Johnny: No, it’s in Chongqing.
Olivia: Where?
Johnny: Chongqing!
Magda:: Where’s that?
Sarah: Southwest China. It’s a really interesting place.. growing really quickly..
Johnny: Yeah, it’s a great opportunity..
Olivia: But?
Johnny: But I love it here so much. I’m not sure I want to go back to China yet – I’d miss all my friends..
Olivia: You’ll have to choose!
Sarah: It’s big decision time! Oh comes Fadi…and Harry.
All: Hi Fadi! Hi Harry!
Fadi: How’s it going everyone?
Olivia: Don’t ask..
Magda: I’ve been offered a new job, a really good job – if I get a good degree!
Johnny: I’ve been offered a new job, a really good job – but I have to go back to China!
Harry: Wow! Busy day everyone’s having..I’ve got some news too..
Olivia: Oh no..
Harry: Oh yes – I’ve been sacked!
Magda: “Sacked”?
Harry: Yes – I’ve lost my job, been made redundant, unemployed, no longer working!
Magda: Oh no!
Harry: Don’t worry – I don’t care. I hated that job anyway. I’ll soon find another job. A man with my skills and abilities is always in demand!
Johnny: Somebody from my company sacked you? Why?
Harry: I told them I wasn’t going to work at the weekend – Saturdays and Sundays. If I worked on Saturday and Sunday, when could I play football!? So I said ‘no’, and they said ‘goodbye’..
Magda:: What will you do now?
Harry: I have absolutely no idea! The future is an open book..
Sarah: Very poetic!
Fadi: Well Sarah, at least you’re ok..with your new flat and everything..
Olivia: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about that..cousin
Fadi: You wanted to talk to me?
Olivia: (whispering) Yeah, well, you see, Sarah’s a bit embarrassed..
Fadi: (whispering) What’s up?
Olivia: She wants to leave the new flat.. she doesn’t get on well with the landlord..
Fadi: My cousin.
Olivia: Yes, your cousin.
Fadi: I’m not surprised!
Olivia: Eh?
Fadi: I said I’m not surprised! My cousin’s horrible! I can’t stand him!
Olivia: (laughs) Oh that’s a relief..
Fadi: Sarah – I’m sorry if I got you involved with my cousin.. I thought you were desperate for a place to live.. I know my cousin’s horrible!
Sarah: Oh, never mind Fadi – thanks for trying to help anyway.. Now I need a new place to live though..
Magda:: If I get this job, I’ll have more money – we could get a place together..
Sarah: That’d be great..
Johnny: If I take the job in China, I’ll have to leave my flat..
Sarah: And we could move in..
Olivia: What a lot of ‘if’s’..
Sarah: It’s exciting..
Magda:: But also worrying..
Johnny: And confusing..
Harry: And that’s not all..
Fadi: What?
Harry: I’ve just been speaking to the owner of the café..
Olivia: And?
Harry: They’re closing down – next week!
All: What!!?? Oh..that’s…what are we all going to do??


Big City Small World

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