English at Work 3 – The crisis

Denise explains why she’s in such a state of panic and Paul is not pleased. Will Anna be able to help resolve the crisis?

Narrator: Here we are again at Tip Top Trading, where Anna’s interview for a sales job has been suddenly interrupted. Office assistant Denise has entered the room, looking very worried. What’s wrong? And will Anna have any suggestions that might help? ~
Denise: I don’t know what to do!
Paul: So what’s the matter Denise?
Denise: You know the PowerPoint presentation?
Paul: The one we’ve been preparing for the last two months?
Denise: Yes.
Paul: The one that’s very, very important and that we need this afternoon?
Denise: That one.
Paul: Aha.
Denise: We’ve lost everything!
Paul: No!
Denise: I had it on a USB stick, to transfer it, but the stick has vanished!
Narrator: Right Anna, now is your chance to help them find solutions to the problem.
You’ll need phrases like:
Can I make a suggestion?
Why don’t you.. ?
Have you tried.. ?
Maybe we could.. ?
How about.. ?
I have an idea!
Paul: But don’t you have it saved on your computer?
Denise: No, it was taking up a lot of space, so I deleted it.
Paul: So you have lost the only copy we have.
Denise: Yes.
Narrator: What idiots! I’ve never seen such a disorganised office. Go on, you’d better help them, Anna.
Anna: Can I make a suggestion?
Paul: Yes, please do!
Anna: Why don’t you try looking in your recycle bin? It might still be there.
Denise: I did. It isn’t.
Anna: Have you tried asking your colleagues if they’ve seen the memory stick?
Denise: I did. They haven’t.
Anna: How about looking through your rubbish bin to see if you threw it away by mistake?
Denise: I don’t do silly things like that!
Paul: All very sensible suggestions Anna, thank you.
Anna: Maybe I could do a big office search for you.. ? I’m good at finding things.
Denise: There are confidential documents in this office – non-staff are not allowed to see them.
Paul: Now, now Denise. Why don’t you drink up that nice tea?
Anna: I have an idea! Did you ever email the presentation to anyone?
Paul: Golly gosh, you did Denise! You emailed it to me to proof-read. It’ll be in my inbox somewhere. Good thinking Anna!
Denise: I was just about to suggest that myself.
Paul: Problem solved. Thank you Anna!
Anna: Pleasure.
Narrator: Well done Anna!
Paul: Right, now please leave us Denise. Anna and I will continue our interview.
Would you like a biscuit Anna?
Anna: Thank you. Oh, what’s that?
Paul: Oh golly gosh, the USB stick! It was mixed in with the plate of biscuits that Denise brought in.
Anna: It’s wet!
Paul: Yes, I think maybe I stirred my tea with it at one point. Oh well. Now, where were we.. ? My goodness, it’s 11 o’clock! I have a meeting right now! I’m afraid I’m going to have to go. But I’ve made up my mind about you anyway. I suppose you’d like to know if you’ve got the job?
Anna: Yes please!
Narrator: Ah – Stop right there! I’m sure everybody would like to know if Anna’s got the job – but everybody’s going to have to wait until we’ve heard her helpful phrases once again:
Can I make a suggestion?
Why don’t you try looking in your recycle bin?
Have you tried asking your colleagues if they’ve seen the memory stick?
How about.. ?
Maybe I could do a big office search for you.. ?
How about looking through your rubbish bin.. ?
I have an idea!
Paul: Anna, we need someone who can think on her feet and who is a first-rate people person. Someone who sees solutions, not problems.. someone like you! So if you want the job, it’s yours!
Narrator: Ah, now think carefully Anna – do you really want to work for these people? They seem a bit.. disorganised.
Anna: I would definitely like the job! Thank you!
Narrator: So be it. Join us again next week for Anna’s first day as a sales executive at Tip Top Trading.


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