extr@ English

extr@ English promises language learning with laughter, in an authentic London setting. With 30 hilarious, half-hour sitcom programmes, the extra@ series is a delight for anyone learning English, especially young adults. The adventures of the four main characters in their London flat are stylish, sexy and funny.


extr@ English Episode 01 – Hector’s Arrival

Bridget and Annie share a flat in London. Bridget is a fitness enthusiast and also a tough nut when it comes to romance. She receives a letter from her old penfriend in Argentina called Hector saying that he plans to visit – on that very day! There is a knock on the door but it is not Hector it is Nick, the boy next door who fancies Bridget and will not be happy to hear that he has new competition. When Hector does arrive, at first he doesn’t look very attractive. He is dressed very strangely and acts very strangely. The girls leave him with Nick who persuades him to tell Annie that her dog is in the oven, and to ride on Bridget’s exercise bike knowing that she hates anyone riding her bike. When the girls return they are suitably annoyed and decide that Hector must go. That is, until he emerges from the shower! When they see him without his old-fashioned clothes, they realise that he is very good looking. Nick discovers that Hector comes from ‘one of the richest families in Argentina’, but Hector is determined to keep it a secret. Now, both Nick and the girls are very keen for him to stay!

The Episodes of extr@ English:

Episode 01: Hector’s Arrival
Episode 02: Hector Goes Shopping
Episode 03: Hector Has A Date
Episode 04: Hector looks for a job
Episode 05: A star is born
Episode 06: Bridget wins the lottery
Episode 07: The Twin
Episode 08: The Landlady’s Cousin
Episode 09: Jobs For The Boys
Episode 10: Annie’s Protest
Episode 11: Holiday Time
Episode 12: Football Crazy
Episode 13: A Wedding In The Air
Episode 14: Changes
Episode 15: The Bouncer
Episode 16: Uncle Nick
Episode 17: Cyber Stress
Episode 18: Just The Ticket
Episode 19: Kung Fu Fighting
Episode 20: Every Dog Has Its Day
Episode 21: The Entertainers
Episode 22: Haunting At Halloween
Episode 23: Truth Or Dare
Episode 24: Pilot Nick
Episode 25: Art
Episode 26: Alibi
Episode 27: Can You Live Without
Episode 28: Christmas
Episode 29: Camping
Episode 30: Love Hurts

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