Face up to Phrasals – Chemistry Project

Bob and Jackie are classmates. They are working on a very important chemistry project, and they need to work as a team if they want to do well.

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Bob and Jackie’s Chemistry Project.
Episode 1: Let’s Get Started
Jackie: Ok, chemistry project. Let’s get this experiment set up. Are you ok, Bob?
What’s all this about a chemistry project? And what’s the matter with Bob?
Episode 2: Bob’s Tired.
Jackie’s setting up a chemistry experiment. But what’s the matter with Bob?
Bob: Ooh, sorry Jackie, I must have nodded off for a few minutes. Are we ready to start?
Oh Dear. Bob doesn’t seem too good today. Will they be able to start the experiment?
Episode 3: Come On, Bob!
Jackie wants to stop the chemistry experiment, but Bob seems to be a little bit sleepy.
Jackie: Bob, wake up and help me! We have to finish this project today if we don’t want to fall behind.
Will Bob wake up and help her? Is he even interested in the chemistry project?
Episode 4: Helpful Bob?
Bob and Jackie are setting up a chemistry experiment. but Bob seems a little bit disinterested. Let’s hope he starts helping soon.
Bob: Ok, sorry… would you like me to chop this glove up?
That’s not very helpful, Bob. Poor Jackie wants to finish the chemistry project on time.
Episode 5: Jackie’s Not Impressed
Jackie wants Bob to help set up the chemistry experiment. So far Bob hasn’t been very helpful.
Jackie: Bob! Stop messing about and come over here!!!
Ooh… I don’t think Jackie is very happy with Bob. Will he behave himself now?
Episode 6: Essential equipment?
Jackie’s getting angry with Bob. He keeps messing about when he should be helping with the chemistry project.
Bob: Jackie, do we need one of these food mixers? Shall I plug it in?
Bob, you’re not being very helpful. What will Jackie say next?
Episode 7: Losing Patience
Bob’s in trouble with Jackie. She needs help with the chemistry project, but he just won’t stop messing about. I think she’s just about had enough.
Jackie: Bob, I’m not going to put up with your behaviour any more. Stop being stupid and start helping me!!!
Yes, she’s definitely had enough.
Will the experiment ever get started?
Episode 8: Instructions
Jackie’s told Bob for once and for all to stop messing about. Can they finally get started on that chemistry project?
Jackie: Right Bob, settle down and listen to me. You need to boil this mixture for exactly 2 minutes.
Don’t forget Bob, exactly 2 minutes.
Episode 9: What Did She Say?
Bob and Jackie have finally started they chemistry experiment. Jackie told Bob to boil up the mixture for exactly 2 minutes. I hope he was listening to her.
Bob: What did she say? Heat for 10 minutes… seems like a long time to me… I hope it turns out alright.
Oh no! Bob! She said 2 minutes, not 10! What’s going to happen?!
Episode 10: Bob’s Worried
Jackie gave Bob very clear instructions about what to do in the chemistry experiment. But Bob wasn’t listening properly.
Bob: Ooh…ooh… It’s starting to smell a bit funny… I hope it doesn’t blow up or anything!
Ooh dear Bob, I don’t think it’s supposed to smell like that! What’s going to happen now?
Episode 11: What Happened?
Bob’s helpig Jackie with their chemistry project. But things don’t seem to be going too well.
Jackie: Bob! Are you alright? Bob! Come on Bob, sit up! What happened?
Oh my goodness! Bob’s fainted in the chemistry lab. Is Bob going to be alright?
Episode 12: You should have listened, Bob!
Bob’s been doing a chemistry experiment. but he didn’t listen to Jackie’s instructions properly and now he isn’t feeling too good.
Bob: Ooh Jackie. I feel terrible. I can’t see properly and I think… I’m going to… throw up… eeuurrgghhh!!!
Bob, there is a moral of this story, and id is never do a chemistry experiment without listening to the instructions very carefully. I don’t think Jackie will be choosing you as her next project partner any time soon.


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