Face up to Phrasals – Is this the end?

Fred and Betty have been dating for years. They have always been a very happy couple… or have they?

Face up to Phrasals. This is a download brought to you by BBC Learning English.
Narrator: Fred and Betty: Is this the end? Episode 1: Betty’s Angry.
Betty: Fred, I found out about you and that other girl. How could you do this to me?!
Narrator: Has Fred really got another lady? Surely not!!!
Narrator: Episode 2: Not Guilty!
Betty thinks that Fred has been seeing another lady.
Fred: Betty, you’ve got to believe me! I would never cheat on you Betty!
Narrator: Does Betty believe Fred? Did he cheat on her?
Narrator: Episode 3: How Betty Knows.
Betty saw Fred with another lady, but Fred says he would never cheat on her.
Betty: I know all about your other lady Fred! Your friend Martin told on you!
Narrator: What did Martin say? How can Fred explain himself?
Narrator: Episode 4: Who’s the liar?
Betty says Fred’s friend Martin saw Fred cheating on Betty with another woman. Can Fred explain himself?
Fred: Don’t listen to Martin, Betty! It’s not true! He’s making it up!
Narrator: Is Martin a liar? Or is Fred the real liar? Who should Betty believe?
Narrator: Episode 5: Busted!
Fred’s friend Martin told Betty that he saw Fred cheating on Betty with another woman. Fred says that Martin is a liar. Hmmmm…
Betty: I caught you out myself Fred! I saw you with that other girl!
Narrator: Well! What will Fred do now?
Narrator: Episode 6: Fred’s Story.
Betty’s very upset. She saw Fred with another woman. What’s his explanation?
Fred: I was just looking after her, Betty. I gave her a hug because she was upset, that’s all!
Narrator: Will Betty accept Fred’s story? Should she accept his story?
Narrator: Episode 7: What Betty Saw. Betty saw Fred with another woman.
Fred said he was just looking after her because she was upset. Over to Betty…
Betty: It was a hug which turned into a kiss Fred! I SAW YOU!
Narrator: A kiss? He kissed her? No wonder she’s angry? Is there a future for Betty and Fred?
Narrator: Episode 8: Desperate Fred.
Betty saw Fred kissing another woman. Can he save their relationship?
Fred: Oh please Betty, don’t hang up! You know I love you Betty!
Narrator: Will she hang up? What would you do?
Narrator: Episode 9: Betty Breaks It Off.
Betty saw Fred kissing another woman. Will she give him another chance?
Betty: Face up to it Fred. This time, IT’S OVER!
Narrator: Does Betty really mean it? Is this really the end?
Narrator: Episode 10: Fred Begs.
Betty just broke up with Fred. And who can blame her? She saw him kissing another woman! Can Fred say anything worth listening to now?
Fred: Oh come on Betty, I’ve said sorry a million times. Won’t you take me back?
Narrator: Are a million apologies enough for Betty? Will she take him back?
Narrator: Episode 11: Betty’s Had Enough.
Fred has just been dumped by Betty. She saw him kissing another woman! He has said sorry to her, but will she take him back?
Betty: No Fred, it’s over. I’ve given up on you.
Narrator: How will Fred react to Betty’s decision?
Narrator: Episode 12: Fred works it out?
Betty has dumped Fred. She caught him with another woman. But why won’t she take him back?
Fred: In that case, Betty, there’s only one explanation. You’re going out with another man!
Narrator: Fred, you’re an idiot. You just don’t get it, do you? Well that’s all from Fred and Betty for this series, but come back soon for lots more phrasal verbs with Face up to Phrasals from BBC Learning English dot com.


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