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The phrase done and dusted means something has been completed successfully, there’s no more work to be done on it.

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Neil: Hello, and welcome to The English We Speak, I’m Neil and joining me in the studio today is Helen.
Helen: Hello everyone. It’s nice to relax a bit. It’s been a crazy few weeks. We had just four weeks to buy our new home.
Neil: Oh no, four weeks! That’s really not much time.
Helen: I know. Luckily the lawyers were very helpful. We got the mortgage in time and we completed the purchase last weekend.
Neil: So you’ve finally got your own place.
Helen: Yes, the money has exchanged hands and we got our keys yesterday!
Neil: Brilliant, so it’s all done and dusted then.
Helen: No, we haven’t had the chance to inspect the house yet. Never mind dusting it.
Neil: I wasn’t talking about dusting the house!
Helen: But I heard you ask if it was done and dusted.
Neil: Oh, it’s just a way of saying everything is OK now – nothing else needs doing. You’ve closed the deal on your house purchase. It’s done and dusted.
Helen: So the phrase done and dusted means work on something is completely finished. When I heard you say dust, I thought you were asking me if I had cleaned the house. No way, I only got the keys yesterday! I haven’t even set foot in the house yet.
Neil: Done and dusted is actually a very common expression. We hear it a lot at work. And usually it means something has been completed successfully, there’s no more work to be done on it. Let’s hear some examples.
The dispute between me and the council about my parking ticket has been resolved. It’s done and dusted.
Afer two months of hard work, the project is finally done and dusted.
About this logo design… as far as I’m concerned, it’s done and dusted.
Helen: Done and dusted is a popular casual expression, it’s used to talk about something that’s finished successfully.
Neil: That’s right. And this programme is now done and dusted.
Helen: Thanks for listening. Join us next time for more useful English expressions.
Neil: Bye. Helen: Bye.


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