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When something is so incredible, so surprising that we stop and wonder about how amazing it is, we can say it’s mind-blowing

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Feifei: Hello and welcome to The English We Speak. I’m Feifei and joining me is Harry.
Harry: Hello there! And the expression we are going to look at in this programme is ‘mind-blowing’, or, ‘to blow your mind’.
Feifei: To blow your mind! We’ll look at what it means and when you can use it. So anyway, Harry, I’ve heard you really like travelling.
Harry: Me? Yeah, I love travelling, to be free. Yeah, I’ve travelled.
Feifei: Where have you been?
Harry: All over: Europe, South East Asia, North Africa, Central America.
Feifei: So, which was the best trip?
Harry: Hard to say, they were all great in their own way, but I think my trip to Cambodia really stands out.
Feifei: Why’s that?
Harry: Well, it’s got scenery, beaches, nice food and all that stuff, but the temples at Angkor Wat – well, they just blew my mind.
Feifei: They blew your mind?!
Harry: Yeah, it’s an amazing place. It’s got incredible statues, roads, waterways all abandoned in the forest. Truly mind-blowing.
Feifei: But what does it mean – mind blowing; it blew your mind?
Harry: Oh right. Well, when something is so incredible, so surprising that we stop and wonder about how amazing it is, we can say it’s mind-blowing, or that it blew our minds, as though our brains have broken down because they are so overwhelmed.
Feifei: I see. So what else can be mind-blowing?
Harry: Anything amazing: a painting, a film, a story.
Feifei: And what about nature – the ocean, the planets, the insect world?
Harry: Yes, the unexplored ocean depths, the size of the other planets, the huge number and variety of insects – those things are all totally mind-blowing if you stop and think about them.
Feifei: Here are some more examples.
The latest tablet computer has an incredible camera and loads of other mind-blowing features.
One of the most mind-blowing things about the universe is the distance between the planets.
The battle scenes in the film were amazing. They just blew my mind.
Harry: So, to finish off, I thought I’d give you a mind-blowing fact about space and the universe – Something that will really blow your mind.
Feifei: OK, let’s hear it.
Harry: Did you know that every hour, the universe expands by a billion miles in all directions?
Feifei: It gets bigger by one billion miles in all directions?! That is mind-blowing.
Harry: I know – just mind-blowing.
Feifei: I’ve got a very different one for you about insects – cockroaches.
Harry: Cockroaches? Yuck! What is it?
Feifei: Well, Cockroaches can live for several weeks without their heads.
Harry: They can live without their heads?! Well, that’s just blown my mind. Join us again for more mind-blowing English on The English We Speak.
Both: Bye!


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